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All Cleaning Solution

Everyday cleaning entails taking responsibility for cleaning throughout apartments, offices. Our company creates a working schedule, determines the methods and the amount of staff that will be required for the service, and carry on to cleaning the specific facility accordingly.When it comes to everyday service, CSL is responsible for interior cleaning only. CSL may clean according to tentative agreements with the client.Interior cleaning also includes providing supplies of hygienic products (toilet paper, liquid soap, paper towels and etc.) if the customer requests so.

Cleaning Solution

  1. Carpet Shampooing & Drying

  2. Sofa Shampooing & Drying

  3. Exterior & Interior Glass Cleaning

  4. Floor/Marble Cleaning & Polishing

  5. Toilet Deep Cleaning

  6. New Construction/Renovation Cleaning

  7. High Pressure Washing/Cleaning Service

  8. Swimming Pool Cleaning

  9. Verticals & Vanishings blinds clean

  10. Paint, Varnish & lacquer polish

  11. Water Tank Cleaning

  12. Septic Tank Cleaning